About This Blog

Welcome! And congratulations on finding my blog. Before you enter, please read on to find out a little about what this blog is (and what it is not). This blog is about my journey through this strange and beautiful world, and includes reflections on both my internal and external journey, which I see as inseparable from each other. Depending on how you found this blog you may have been expecting a tiny house blog with how to videos and budget breakdowns, or you may have been expecting reflections on a spiritual journey, or perhaps a travel blog. You will find a little of all these and more here.

For a while I considered trying to have two blogs: one that was perhaps more “practical” and “professional” in nature and the other for “all the rest” of the stuff. But for me it felt that to separate the two would be almost impossible and result in something much more one dimensional and inauthentic to who I am, what I am about, and why I enjoy keeping a blog.

For me this blog is like an evolving and dynamic autobiography of my life. So why do people write autobiographies? And why, for that matter, do people enjoy reading them? There are many answers to these questions, and the second I will leave for you to answer. But here are some of my answers to the first: I write because through the process of writing I often discover new meaning and coherence to my own life and the world. I write because it feels like one humble gift I can offer back to the world. And I write because I hope to inspire and connect to others while receiving affirmation that my own journey is valid and, although unique, also one part in a larger interconnected whole.

And what do I hope to inspire? I hope to inspire people to strive to live in right relationship with themselves, others, and the earth. To live in a way that is well with their mind, heart, body, and soul. And I hope to inspire this by sharing my own journey of striving to do just that in a real and authentic way. To me, this means showing how the journey is not linear and sometimes messy, and also showing how the building of those inner timber frames can be just as valid and important as the building of those outer ones.

If this journey resonates with you then you may find yourself digging back into the archives of this blog, perhaps reading chronologically from the beginning or deciding to follow my blog into the future. If you came to read about tiny houses or other building related things and still wish to primarily read just about that then I suggest you click on “the built environment” category from the menu above, but don’t be surprised if you find other parts of me peppered in there, including the raw, vulnerable, and perhaps provocative. In essence, nothing I do is separate from my spiritually journey and I think that will come through as you read.

Lastly, if you know me in the world beyond the internet you may find that you discover things about me through this blog that you didn’t know before. And perhaps you will feel you have a much more intimate connection with me then I feel I have with you. What this means for how you and I interact is something I am still exploring and discovering, and I imagine is something many must learn to navigate as they choose to step into a more public realm.  Anything I write about here I am consciously making public, and I am choosing to do so in a way that portrays both the shadow and the light of my journey, because to me that kind of skillful and authentic transparency is worth much more as an offering back to the world. Please don’t feel shy to bring up something that you have read here. If you are moved or inspired by something here please tell me, as such feedback nourishes and affirms my journey and my decision to share it. If something you read here creates a desire within you to know more please ask and I will likely be happy to share more, as perhaps one of the most gratifying experiences for me is to feel I have helped someone else along in their journey of self discovery.

And with that, I invite you to enter and hope that you find what you are looking for, even if it is not what you expected…

About Me (and the name Sculpting Earth)

My name is Miwa and this blog is about my journey through this world as someone who loves this world and believes in the power of the individual and community. I am a loyal and devoted friend, and the only child of a Japanese mother and a New York born Jew. I am a daughter and a granddaughter to elders I love and respect with all my heart. I am an outdoor enthusiast who feels a strong responsibility to steward this beautiful earth; This earth that has healed me in times of grief, brought me joy and empowerment  through awe inspiring experiences, and continues to teach and inspire curiosity, wonder, and innocence from within. I am a builder, artist, violinist, poet, and much more. I am a student of the world, a traveler, an inquirer, and a skeptic. I am a seeker, on a heart and soul centric journey. I am a sculptor, always refining my ability to sculpt my inner and outer worlds with grace.