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Big dipper hangs low in the northern sky

It’s cup scooping down, offering to carry me away to the land of the stars

“But I am in the land of the stars,” I say

“Yes, here on Earth.

On this beautiful Mother Earth

Where each night I get to look up and see you twinkle

Reminding me of ancestors come and gone

And each month I get to marvel at the waxing and waning of Grandmother Moon

And each year I get to wonder at the rainbow in the leaves, the crystals that fall from the sky, the new buds that swell in the morning dew, and the thunder that promises relief on a hot summer night

This is the land of the stars.”

“Yes, but what about the madness?” you say

“The gunshots heard around the world, the games played with people’s lives, the words thrown as if it doesn’t matter

What about the madness?

Come and I’ll take you away from it all”

“Away from it all where I can watch from on high, as you do each night?

Away from it all where I can watch my fellow Earthlings destroy the beauty I love so much?

Away from it all where safe from the pain I sacrifice too the joys of love, connection, community? The satisfaction of kicking my feet up and feeling the warmth of fire on my damp dreary toes after a hard days work?

I will take the pain. Because I too have hurt and caused pain, and I cannot bow out and leave my brothers and sisters.

I will stay and dance and sing and pray with them under your great sparkle.

I will stay and struggle to grow and feel and open to all that can be felt

I do not wish to hide.

Let me feel the ecstatic, the torturous, the sublime

Let me feel it all.”


Sometimes, when you live in a house that isn’t quite complete knowing you have guests coming is the perfect motivation to get you moving on some of those tasks that have been sitting patiently on a sticky on your fridge since you moved in in May… And realizing that winter may not be too too far away is also a good motivator! But first, the bliss of Summer…

Living in Mayu this summer has been a true joy of seeing, experiencing, and breathing the fruits of my labor and living my dream. And after almost two years of hard work on Mayu I felt ready to kick back and enjoy this summer a bit. And I have.

IMG_6152My loft is quite possibly my favorite place at this point in my life. With this beautiful octagon window that opens and the two side windows that also open there is almost always a delicious breeze up here, even on the hottest of summer nights. Not only can I see, hear, and feel the outdoors when I lie up here, but I also feel like a child in her dream tree house, peaking out over the world!


A lazy Sunday morning, my sweetheart still asleep

And when this sweet soul is sleeping peacefully next to you, like an angel, it is hard not to feel blessed.

My first real guests were two of my closest girlfriends who came over for dinner, both of whom have also been on parallel journeys of creating their homes. Being able to finally have them over in my home, after years of gathering in every imaginable place but our own (shared kitchens, houses where we were house sitting or pet sitting, our short and longer term rentals…) felt so good.


Until having my own place hosting friends always felt a bit stressful. Would my housemates be using the kitchen at the same time? Would so and so be offended by the small of meat? Can we truly just have sister time and talk about the sorrows, longings, and joys of our hearts in full honesty and in confidence?

But now in my own place something in my soul feels so much more able to give from a place of ease and peace. Even in the humbleness of not yet having running water or enough dishes, I did not hesitate to ask my friends to bring their own bowls, and both happily obliged and offered to take home dirty dishes to do at their place. The next time they came I had more dishes and the summer sun had warmed the evenings enough to allow us to eat outside on my newly constructed deck. And after dinner we retired up into my cozy loft where we lounged and chatted until the whee hours of the morning. Finally! A place that is my home where if what started as a dinner turns into a sleepover I don’t have to worry about offended any house mates. Indeed, sometimes it is these small things that make a difference.


My deck! Complete with a heart shaped picnic table built by John 

And most recently a spontaneous pull of lunar energies seemed to have landed us all around a fire in my yard, gazing up at the milky way and watching the big dipper move across the sky. It is truly a land of Big Sky here in this open field surrounded by trees.

Summer has also brought an abundance of Food, causing my fridge to overflow with tomatoes!


Tomatoes from my garden. Blueberries from my berry CSA at Kestrel Perch. Eggs and cheese also from local farms bought at the local food co-op. And coconut milk and orange juice not local but also bought from the food co-op. 

But thankfully about a month and a half ago now I got myself set up with this adorable RV oven, which felt like such a huge upgrade from my single burner camp stovetop that I used for the first two months in Mayu!


I’ve been making good use of this oven, making zucchini bread, sweet potatoes, and roasted eggplant in the oven, and anything you please on my 3 burner stove top!


A glass of orange juice, kale and tomatoes from my garden with local mushrooms and onion, chicken, baked in my oven with some black currant sauce, and some paleo bread! Yummm! 

And as summer is winding down I finally got my wood stove hooked up in preparation for the chillier nights and mornings.


And suddenly tonight as I started to clean up after dinner and found that it was already dark out and I wanted more light, I installed these LED task lights which I must say, make me feel like I am living in quite the luxurious little house!


And today, as I anticipated my two cousins coming to visit for a few days, and then my house warming party not too far off on October 15th I finally built my little nook to provide a little more seating area and storage!


The top is cherry, which I will oil at some point, and the front is maple flooring. Both the maple and the cherry I was generously given by people who felt they would not use them. This bench that is right across from the front door get the morning sun and will provide a perfect spot to sit and put on or take off your shoes, and drop your things when you come in. And it open up to provide quite a large space for storage! 

And I also hung some wall hooks as, although my wonderful closet works well for me, I thought guests should have a place to hang their coats especially as the weather starts to get cooler!


You will also notice the curtain for my bathroom door, which is an improvement over no curtain! Thank you Parker for making this curtain for me!

Oh yeah, have you seen my closet? Perhaps not… Here it is! It lives below my stairs 🙂


Ok, that is all for now! It is past my bedtime and my loft is calling me. Thank you for reading and for being part of this amazing journey!


Good Night and blessings, from Mayu

She has Returned

A beautiful proclamation to the shift that is upon us and the blood and tears and scars that have been left as we struggle towards a new and better place…

Tribe of Dreams

The very first time I heard Bernie Sanders speak, I knew who he was

knew the energy he was representing

knew that he was being fed from the same wellspring of evolving consciousness by which so many of us have been being fed lately on this planet.

This wellspring offers the energy of community





It offers the energy of equality




It offers the energy of love.

In a civilization that values profit about all else

this energy becomes revolutionary

but it is not by nature.

By nature, this energy is evolutionary.

There is only so long that we can continue to stumble blindly upon the Earth

eating her up faster than she can feed us

and creating so much suffering for ourselves, our kin in the community of life, and our future generations.

So it is not only unsurprising,

but also necessary

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Home Blessing

Every home needs a blessing. Every space deserves to be honored. Mine is on the inside of one of my upper cabinets and are the lyrics of a song by Peia:


Blessed we are

to dance on this ground

with the rhythm of saints

to carry the sound.


We hold a prayer for the Earth,

for the ones yet to come –

May you walk in beauty

and remember your song.

Remember why you came here.

Remember your life is sacred.

Remember why you came here,

remember this life is sacred.

~ Peia (Ancestral Song Keeper)

Thank you Jim Bosjolie for this part two of the video you have been making to document my home!

If you missed part 1, here it is:

This week I finally moved into my little house, and woah does it feel good to finally be making it HOME! It is not totally done but it is livable, especially as the temperatures are, for the most part, warming up (although it has been an unusually chilly spring!).

How to capture what this week has been like….

Monday, May 16th I spent my first night in Mayu (which means cocoon in Japanese). I had spent much of the weekend moving my belongings out of where I had been in ecovillage and into Mayu, but had yet to spend a night there.


It was a chilly night, but I slept pretty well. On Sunday Parker and I had found a nest of baby bunnies in the field right outside my door and we had put some bales around it to protect them from the cold and our walkings about. We had found the nest after finding two baby bunnies that had passed into the dream world, it seemed from the unusually cold temperatures.

I lit a candle to honor this first night in this creation that I have given birth to and is still growing and forming.


My candle to honor the space on my first night sleeping there


The little tiny baby bunnies nestled in the ground. I feel honored to have them as my neighbors!


And in the morning I got to see mama Hare coming to check on her baby bunnies, as I watched from my loft window! Did you know that the momma generally leaves her babies on their own only returning to feed them in the morning and night? So if you find what you think is an abandoned nest most likely it is not and you should leave them be!

Being in Mayu meant figuring out how exactly I was going to brush my teeth and keep my fridge cool and go to the bathroom and all those little details. These were not big scary challenges but more just trying out and putting to the test systems I had thought about. I was still waiting on my futon that I had ordered and so I slept that first night on my camping mat which I put on top of my tatami mats in my loft and that worked fine! I took my first poop in my compost toilet bucket, and I washed my hands with some soap in a pretty glass bowl I had gotten from salvation army. After a few days this systems evolved…

And now, this is my hand washing station in my bathroom:


Well, actually this picture is already a little outdated. Things have evolved even more! But it is mostly just aesthetic changes.

And I am very pleased with it! The tap on this glass water dispenser releases water somewhat slowly, which I found a pain for filling up a glass to drink from, but perfect for washing my hands without wasting excessive water. And when the bowl starts to get full I dump it outside on my plants.

Zooming out a little bit here is a view into the bathroom from the door. Of course, it continues to evolve… Like now I have a pretty cloth on top of the water jug to keep dust and other things from falling in. And the shells and other ornaments have moved around a little bit. But it all functions quite nicely and I am loving the way it is all looking.


The mermaid above the door was a house warming gift given to me by my sweet partner, Parker, and I think adds a beautiful touch. It seems that my friends and I are in agreement that my little house has a boat like quality. I like this boat theme!

Here is Parker wandering around before I had moved any of my stuff in:


Things have evolved some since then. Take a look!


Here is my kitchen as it is now. I’ve been collecting kitchen wares from the local reuse stores like Mimi’s attic, Salvation army, and Significant Elements and am pleased with what I have found.



There have been a few delays with my stove and so for now I am cooking on this one burner camping stove but it is working great!

On Day four (Thursday 5/19) we put in our well pump and had water on site for the first time! This was a huge moment as the idea of carrying in water for all my washing, cooking, and drinking needs was not something I was looking forward to.


Here we are, able to fill up our buckets and do my dishes! This to me was super exciting. And notice the plants in the background all waiting to go in the ground. Now many of them are in which also feels great!



And just in time I had built myself a drying rack right over my sink which worked beautifully!

That evening, as I drove to my friend Nicolette’s house to get my little cabinet which is now in my bathroom I came across a baby fox that looked like it had just been hit on the road. As sad as it was to see this little creature whose life had been taken so soon I also felt there was a lesson in this little fox and the baby bunnies I had found earlier in the week about the cycles of life and death of the natural world. I brought the fox with me and after some thought with two of my closest sisters, Danielle and Rena, we decided to bury these little creature on John’s land where my house is.


the fox and the bunnies before burial. What does it mean to bury the fox and the hare together? Predator and prey, in one grave.



Nestled in the ground before burial. Rena’s mother had felt called to put some sage in the fox’s mouth, and so we buried it with the sage.



And after burial we planted two little strawberry plants on top, giving a blessing under this strawberry moon and thanking these sweet little creatures for all they had offered and would continue to offer as nutrients in the earth.

Wow, what a day it had been. And all this under an almost full moon.


That night,Thursday, 5/19, I got to sleep on my new futon, And slept like a baby.


I was overcome with gratitude as I lay there in bed. Grateful for water, the land, the food that comes from the land, the birds, the fox and the hare, and other animals, my house, and the people who have come into my life… I feel like words and images can’t quite capture it. And it is all evolving so quickly that some of these photos are already outdated, like a new born baby who already a week after birth look so different!  But I hope that I have captured some of it. Perhaps I will close with a poem …



My cocoon.


Yes, finally I feel ready to cocoon myself inside you,

Like new lovers too entranced with each other to let go.

Engaging, bonding, nurturing, caring, struggling together


Water falls onto my hands as I wash in a crystal bowl

Shells placed with care, from tiny to tiniest, like little paw prints in the sand.


Clothes folded carefully

Each one I ask, “Do I need you?”

And all those kitchen items

Bags of strange white, brown, and yellow powders

Seeds and grains and nuts

The leftovers from cooking in many kitchens not mine

Finally I can put you into glass jars, label you and know

That you will be mine.

Mine to use and refill, and smell and taste, and enjoy

Finally, I know what I have!


Checking thrift stores and yard sales I slowly stock my kitchen

With the tools of the home that till now I have not needed.

This bowl feels good in my hands

This mug makes me smile

A ladle is a must in any kitchen

And a little red pot with a chip on the handle.

You, little pot, can have a home in my kitchen


Even in my makeshift kitchen,

with just one burner and no stove,

I feel my creativity alight.

Food tastes so good!

As aromas fill the little space!


Sitting on my front stairs I look out

At the beginning of gardens.

My gardens.

Gardens that I can watch grow

Not just this season but next, and next, and next

Gardens where I plant not just annual vegetables

But a tree!

And I may actually see it bear fruit


I watch my sweet beloved cut the grass with a scythe

And we lay in the hammock,

Hung lovingly by John

Taking in the heavenly bodies

Of the wide open sky…

Jupiter, Mars, Venus


Each day is a new day

Each day a great day

Full of possibilities


I feel like I can see and feel the end in site. As I have been talking with my old cabinet teacher from Heartwood about going and using his shop to make my cabinets I have been chipping away at insulation and interior siding. And little by little it is starting to feel like an almost finished house inside!

The insulation I chose to use is mineral wool sold under the brand name of Roxul. I’ve been excited about this stuff for a while now as I noticed a few green builders using it in Vermont back in 2013. What are the advantages of it? It comes in board and batt form so can be used in any application that fiberglass batts would be used and in most applications where rigid foam board insulation would be used. But unlike fiberglass it is not a known carcinogen and it performs way better; The batts are much more rigid, friction fitting into cavities and not settled over time. They also do not loose their insulative value if they get wet and keep their shape and form as well, even when dunked in a bucket of water. Mice do not seem to like it much, and it is practically fire proof. It also is comparable price wise to fiber glass insulation, which is generally the cheapest insulation on the market. Compared to foam, it is a natural and inert material, not made from petroleum and with no off gassing potential. It does have a slightly lower r value than foam, which can have as high as R-7 per an inch, while roxul is about R-4.3 per an inch, but after finding out that spray foam is a fire accelerant and extremely toxic when it burns I decided I did not want that in my house.

And so I went with roxul. Insulation is a job that very few people enjoy doing; it is itchy, dusty, and messy. Yes, despite all of roxul’s “green” attributes it does still create an itchy dust that I did find irritating to my lungs if I did not wear a dust mask. But I was comforted by the roxul website and other sites that say that the roxul dust particles, although still uncomfortable, are much larger in size and so a dust mask does seem to effectively sblock them, and they are not a known carcinogen the way that fiberglass is.

I am really grateful that two of my friends came out for a day and the three of us busted out the insulation for my whole house in a single day! Take a look:




Thank you so much Prema and Jeremiah for your help!


And after a thorough sweeping and cleaning…

Oh, and did I mention that on the same day that we put in my insulation Rebecca Carpentar also came and made my electricity live?! So now I can plug in my little space heater inside my insulated house, and guess what? It warms up! And stays warm!

With insulation done I was ready to begin putting ip my interior siding! This feels like a huge step. And it felt so good to be back to working with wood after doing electrical and figuring out plumbing decisions and getting at itchy and dusty with Roxul.

Here are some pictures of the interior siding going up, which is 1×8″ pine tongue and groove. Isn’t it pretty?


Thank Adam, another friend, for coming out and helping!

Each of these boards I hand sanded with a random 5″ orbital sander with 100 grit paper and then 150 grit paper. This was a decision I went back and forth about as these boards came from the mill already planed and quite beautiful and smooth to the touch. But after talking to a few people with more experience then me I was convinced that sanding would be worth it as they all said any finish I put on the wood will look better if I have sanded them. And if I don’t sand them that a finish will likely amplify any nicks or imperfections in the planing job.


note the loft ceiling!! Boy did it feel good to get that covered up! I can almost sleep up there now 🙂


Me putting a board in place.

The above picture is one that Jim Bosojolie took on the day that channel 9 news from syracuse came out to take some shots and interview me! Yup, that is right. They called Maria from Hammerstone school asking if she knew of any tiny house people and she referred them to me. I was told it should be about a minute and 30 second clip that should air on February 28th. When I get the link to the clip I will make sure to post it here!

I am not done yet with the interior siding but feel like with another solid week I should be very close to or totally done. I leave for Mexico tomorrow though for 10 days of playing in the sun and waves, so that week of work will be the first full week of March! Then it will be time for the building of my stairs, my hearth, and cabinets and trim! Woohooo!! Lately I have been saying my goal is to have the house ready to start moving in on May 1st. I think I can do it. And I am determined that the house sitting gig I am in now, which will end sometime mid may, will be my last one before I move into my tiny house. Which, by the way, I have decided can no longer be just “Tiny” but needs a new name. Tiny worked for construction but feels too generic. And so I have been on a quest for a name. For a while I was leaning towards Subako, which means nest box and bee hive in Japanese, but 3 syllables felt just a little too long. Then the other day the word Cocoon came to me, which is Ma-yu in Japanese. So far people seem to like that name when I tell them it and it feels good to me. More feminine than Subako, and easier to say. I am still sitting with it for a while but I think that is going to be Tiny’s new name!

And so here is one last picture of Ma-yu glowing in the evening light on a beautiful winter snowy day.


More on Electrical and plumbing

Guess what? I am just about done doing the rough in of electrical! Which means I am almost ready to start insulating and closing in my walls. It turns out running wire is not too difficult, just time consuming and a little tedious. And who would have thought how much wire you can go through, even for a tiny house. It is possible I went a little overboard with outlets, but every tiny house blog I have read says put more outlets then you think you will need. And I have to say, I don’t like the idea of ever having to run an extension chord in my tiny house! So there are a lot of outlets. And given that going back and running more wire later would be pretty difficult I tried to cover everything; I have three standard 15 amp circuits (one for each side of my house and one for the bathroom), one 20 amp circuit for my conduction stove top and Breville toaster oven, and one 30 amp circuit in case I ever want to install a full sized electric stove. Yup, that is 5 circuits total in my tiny house. All of which will be hooked up to my off grid solar system, which thankfully, Rebecca is very familiar with because she installed it in its original home at ecovillage.

I also ran speaker wire so if I ever want I can basically have surround sound coming from 4 hard wired speakers. Probably never would have thought to do this except that Parker, the guy I am seeing right now suggested it and I though why not? And I also ran an internet wire so I can have an ethernet/phone jack depending on what my internet situation ends up being.

Here are a few pictures of the wires being run:


Some of my electrical tools…


A view showing some of the wires run (white = 15 amp circuits, yellow = 20amp, orange = 30 amp). And oh, yeah, my loft floor is done now too!!

Now that all the wires are run (finally) Rebecca will be coming back this Tuesday and hopefully with both of us working on it we can have everything live and hot by the end of the day so we can test it all!

With my plumbing I went back and forth for a while, initially wanting to figure out a way to have off grid hot water using just my wood stove and the sun to heat it all. Although I still love this idea and may down the line build an outdoor solar shower for summer to move in this direction, I decided to go with an ecotemp propane on demand hot water heater. Why, you may ask did I end up going with this? It is a good question. First of all, the system I began to design to heat my water with the wood stove in the winter and the sun in the summer felt like it would require a very involved and knowledgeable occupant to be able to operate safely. Now, I may have qualified as such an occupant, given that I would have basically designed it, with help, but my fear was that what if I ever wanted to air bnb my house or have a friend house sit, or even just have guests, that the system would just not be user friendly enough. So, when it came down to it it was user friendliness that made me decide to go with an on demand hot water heater.

Now, when you are looking at on demand and there is propane and electric. Initially I didn’t want any propane in my house. It is a fossil fuel and means another system to basically plumb for, and is potentially a hazard, especially when I am also burning wood.

But creating heat from electricity is just not very efficient. And I am going to be off grid, at least for the immediate future. So after doing some research it seemed that heating water with propane requires very little propane and many people do it even with a wood stove, so if done correctly it should be safe. For these reasons I ended up going with a propane on demand hot water heater, the Ecotemp FVI-12-LP. It isn’t installed yet, but I am hoping I will be happy with its performance.

Another plumbing decision I made after having two plumber friends come out and look things over with me is that I am going to do all exposed copper piping. By doing this the pipes will be fully inside my thermal envelope and less likely to freeze. And if somehow they do freeze they will be more easily accessible for any needed repair.

Let me tell you, trying to figure out the world of plumbing and electrical has not been easy. There have been many points where I feel like I am spinning my wheels. And boy am I grateful for the help of skilled professionals in both of these fields. As I have been fumbling along with these two areas with their guidance I have found myself needing to take take a break at points and do some carpentry- something I feel relatively competent at. So now both my bathroom and sleeping loft floors are in and I built my little trap door that will be at the top of my yet to be built stairs! Take a look: I think they all came out quite nicely:


the beginning of my sleeping loft floor.


Sleeping loft floor almost complete! I decided I didn’t want a straight line for the front edge of my loft so it actually follows a gentle sin wave curve. Can you tell?


It feels quite spacious up there!


And then the final touch to my loft was this trap door made out of some beautiful old cherry wood that Otto was nice enough to gift me. This will be at the top of my stairs and provide access to a little cubbyhole that will serve as my bedside table “drawer,” so to speak.


Oh, and lastly, I also put down my bathroom loft floor:


This little cozy nook will be where my water tank is stored and also just serve as a general storage area

So that is where my house is at now! My hope is that on my next post I will be moving along with insulation and closing in the walls!

Lighting and Electrical

I am not an electrician. And as much as I enjoy learning about things and feeling self sufficient and like I can do almost anything myself I do not feel that I need to master all the trades. So my plan all along has been to hire or work with an electrician to wire my house. But what I couldn’t have guessed was that the perfect person to do it with me would come along! Her name is Rebekah Carpenter and she owns Finger Lakes Renewables. She was the one who installed the solar system that John and I now have at ecovillage, where it lived originally, and she is another badass woman who is living in an off grid house that she built herself. So off grid doesn’t scare her, and DIY doesn’t either. Neither does unconventional! Together we have been mapping out and figuring out my electrical over the last two weeks. The first step has been figuring out where all my outlets and fixtures are going and putting boxes in those spots.

To help me do this I ended up using painters tape to map out the rise and run of my stairs and how I will divide up my closet space under my stairs. It is amazing all the little decisions that go into wiring a house. Here are some of the questions I had to consider.

  • Where do I want outlets?
  • Where do I was single gang (2 outlets) or double gang (4 outlets) boxes?
  • Do I want to wire for internet?
  • What about speakers?
  • What kind of fixtures will I be using for lights? Sconces? Overheads? Plugins? Where do I want light switches?

Every tiny house blog I had read says put more outlets then you think you will need. It is silly to have to run extension chords in a tiny house! And yet right now I look around my house and I think, jeez, I have enough plugs for a small city in here! I have tried to widdle down some of my outlets, making some single gang boxes rather than double gang, and really thinking through where I’ve places each one and what I imagine might be plugged in there. But it isn’t easy! I don’t want to end up with too few and at the same time too many feels kind of ridiculous in a tiny house.

Thinking about electrical has also led to an exciting hunt for light fixtures. First I went to Lowes and home depot. There lights are fine and decently priced. Probably completely functional but nothing too special and perhaps a bit cheaply made. Then I went to a high end electrical store and lighting showcase room that Rebekah recommended, with the intention more of just gathering information, but also found myself ogling over the fancy designer lights, many of which were in the $200 to $400 each range. Yikes! But I did want to have lighting I was pleased with and that looked good…

But then one day on my way home I decided to stop at the antique mall, and suddenly a hole other possibly opened up for me. What about antique and salvaged light fixtures? Often these older fixtures are made of high quality materials such as brass, but there price is actually reasonable. And perhaps some will take a little extra work to rewire but they would give my house the personality I am looking for!

So then fo rthe next two days I had fun going to all the reuse centers around Ithaca: Significant elements, Fingerlakes Reuse, Ithaca Antique Mall, Mimi’s attic…. And I think I am now set with just about all my lighting fixtures and probably spend no more than $200 total on them. And I love them!

Take a look:


This beauty will be the central main light above my kitchen area. It has a three bulb fixture in it and I think should light the space beautiful!


Next to the stain glass overhead chandelier is a little lantern like light that will go outside under my overhang on the wall that has the herring bone.


this cute little one (the red one in front) will be my overhead lamp in the bathroom.


Then I got these two silver sconces that will provide light in my stairwell area.


And lastly, in my loft I plan to have this beautiful gourd lamp from Graham Ottoson, a local artist here in Ithaca!

I think pretty much covers all my light fixtures. I am still keeping my eye out for a vanity light that I like for over the mirror in my sink, but otherwise I think I am set. And quite pleased with the lights that I found and that they all have a history before they got to me…

Ok, thats all for now! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been working on for the last while.

For a couple weeks now I have been working on the inside of my house!!! It is quite exciting that I have finally made it to that stage 🙂

After moving to Hammerstone I began with building my bathroom wall and the small loft that is above my bathroom.


I built the bathroom wall using 2×4’s that I ripped in half to be 2×2’s. This makes the wall skinnier so that I lose less space to it.The door to my bathroom will be a within the range of dimensions of a standard door: 32 inches. Many tiny houses have bathroom doors that are more like 24″ but a complaint I have often heard about this is that if down the line you say you want to use an RV shower insert most shower inserts won’t even fit through the door! I know that I do want a shower in my bathroom, perhaps even a tiny ofuro style tub, and so I didn’t not want to limit myself as to what will fit in my door. And so I framed out a standard sized door but plan to built it as french doors, thereby lessening the space I will need to be able to fully swing open the doors.

After building my bathroom wall and loft it was time to build the sleeping loft! Having an actual opening in my loft for stairs made my framing job a little bit trickier. I wanted to avoid having any big bolts or screws being visible but new I needed to do something to beef up the structure of my loft. So after some care drawing out I decided that some piece of the loft would actual be two 2×4’s laminated together in order to accomodate the extra weight. But that connections would be made by screwing pieces together with heavy duty structural simpson strong tie screws before laminating together so that the screw heads were actually hidden between the two pieces. It took some patience and time to pull off this design. First planing and sanding all the pieces to make sure they not only matched in their exact dimensions but also looked aesthetically pleasings since they will be visible in my finished house. Then fastening and gluing pieces together paying careful attention to order of operations. But I am quite pleased with how it has come out!


Lots of clamping action.

It was a couple day project as I didn’t have enough clamps to do more that one piece at a time.


and more clamping action…

And as glue dried Parker helped me get my collar ties in place! These also had to be sanded and made to look pretty 🙂


And when we still had time to kill before the glue had set we just goofed around a bit 😉



Monkey bars anyone?

I had been worried about headspace but it seems headspace is going to work out quite well. John, who is a little over 6′ can just walk under my loft, and I can stand with my arms pretty much fully outstretched above me and still be fine!

Then I finally got to take all the clamps off and give my loft one last good sanding.



What do you think?

And now with both lofts framed out and my bathroom wall I think all the major, structure framing on my house is done!

And what do you know, my interior siding was also all ready to be picked up this past week: some beautiful 1×8 tongue and groove pine from Halstead lumber in Owego, NY.

But before I can put up my interior siding I have to rough in electrical and plumbing and put in the insulation. So can you guess what my next post might be about? Electrical!

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