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About Me

My name is Miwa and this blog is about my journey through this world as someone who loves this world and believes in the power of the individual and community. I am a loyal and devoted friend, and the only child of a Japanese mother and a New York born Jew. I am a daughter and a granddaughter to elders I love and respect with all my heart. I am an outdoor enthusiast who feels a strong responsibility to steward this beautiful earth; This earth that has healed me in times of grief, brought me joy and empowerment  through awe inspiring experiences, and continues to teach and inspire curiosity, wonder, and innocence from within. I am a builder, artist, violinist, poet, and much more. I am a student of the world, a traveler, an inquirer, and a skeptic. I am a seeker, on a heart and soul centric journey. I am a sculptor, always refining my ability to sculpt my inner and outer worlds with grace.



  1. Hi Miwa,

    I would love to chat about your work and catch up. I didn’t realize that you went to Cornell and lived in the same coop that I did! Hope to hear from you.

    Liz Nee

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  2. Hi There
    Greetings from Ireland. I came across you website in researching building a cob house.. I was viewing the building of the pump house and just wondering if you have any information on the roof construction please



    1. Hi Derek! It has been quite a few years and I honestly don’t remember all the details but I think it was a plywood sheathing roof frame that we then laid Ceder shingles on top of. I hope that helps some!


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