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The Nest

May the nest always be sacred and protected 

10×20″ acrylic on canvas

SculptingEarth on Etsy

Guess what! I now have an Etsy store.

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24″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas

Turtle Island

Mother Turtle watches and sees all.

Will we take care of her?

As she offers her back as fertile land

For our creations

She is the Mother of all.

May we honor her in our creations.




“Brother Peter” Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was inspired by a picture of my wonderful partner, Peter Benjamin. He is a kind, thoughtful, always supportive, and steady soul in my life. We have been together for almost four years now and I am just as happy with him as I was on day one. With love, I dedicate this painting to him.

Peter and beans 2 (1)

Picture taken by a dear friend, Maeve Whitty

Teaching Peace

To view the full campaign visit igg.me/at/EarthAndMe

Stories have a power and a good story stays with you for a lifetime. Growing up I was blessed with many powerful stories that came to me through The Shadow Box Theatre. These stories included African drum, inspired by African folktales, Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin, a Halloween rendition of the well known ugly duckling story, and  The Earth & Me, a tale of a child asking the earth, “How do you make a tree?” Opening with a Native American quote, “All things are interconnected. What befalls the earth Befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. We did not weave the web of life, We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, We do to ourselves,” The Earth & Me truly caught my imagination as a child and is a cornerstone of who I am today.

The Shadow Box Theatre is a non profit theatre founded in 1967 and run by an amazing woman, Sandra Robbins, who just happens to be my grandmother. When I found out that they had lost a little over $30,000 due to damaged equipment and canceled shows from hurricane Sandy and were considering canceling their spring production of The Earth & Me I knew I had to help. This theatre teaches peace and respect and empowers children from diverse, often under served, families with messages of hope and change. And this show seems more important then ever in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

So we are gearing up for an ambitious IndieGoGo Campaign as one way to make up our deficit created by a few rainy days. In preparation for this campaign, that should launch by mid February, we need to raise our visibility on all channels as much as possible. Doing this is simple and free and only requires a few minutes of your time.   Will you help us out?

Sandy Robbins and See-More say "Hello!"

Sandy Robbins and See-More say “Hello!”

And, if you have been touched by any of SBT’s productions, which include books, multimedia puppet shows, CD’s and DVD’s, as well as workshops for children and families and teacher guides, we would love if you can write us a review on yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-shadow-box-theatre-new-york
I will, of course, do my best to keep you all updated on our campaign’s progress through this blog but the best way to stay in the loop is to also make sure you are following us on facebook and twitter. And of course, please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested!
To view the full campaign visit igg.me/at/EarthAndMe

I Love making watercolor cards! Here is the set I made for this holiday season:


Oops... I forgot to take a picture of this one before I wrote on it...


There they are! Homemade cards are a wonderful and inexpensive but a personalized way to show you care. All my gifts this year were homemade, including a pair of chopsticks I carved from a piece of bamboo and an illustrated story I surprised Ryan with:

This is my version of Ryan's favorite children's book: Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg with original illustrations by Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey. I like telling stories through my pictures so this was a fun project for me!

Ok, thats it for now!

Tonight I whirled. Spinning and spinning and spinning. I was a witness to the whole world as I spun from that one point. That center of gravity that held me and the world. Light came in through my right hand and love came out from left. Like a dust cloud covering me and everything in it’s path with a fine coating of compassion. Tomorrow I will paint my whirling.

(written on 10/21/2011)

Whirling (Watercolor)

October 24th, 2011

Here is the whirling picture that came. It is not quite what I expected, and perhaps is not exactly a “whirling” picture, but I think in many ways it embodies my ideal whirling; a spontaneous whirl that begins slow, complete with a bit of natural wildness.


Connection (Pencil)

Fall, 2010

This is a photo of Peter and me, taken the first summer we met, summer of 2009. I am still madly in love with him!

The Young and Old Man (Pencil Portrait)

Fall, 2010



In Memory (pencil portrait)

Fall, 2010

Dedicated to Stephen Noble Holland, March 23rd, 1998 – June 14th, 2010

And his mother, father and sister.

This young man taught me how to find my own way. He showed me that I could define and shape my own world, and he pushed me to think carefully about the what kind of world I wanted to be a part of. With him I tasted for the first time the rich beauty of love. He will forever be a part of me and in my heart.


Something we the living attach grief to.

We wonder what we could have done

What could we have said

To change it.

Prevent it.

But perhaps this world was just not meant for them

Find a long golden red strand of hair

Unexpectedly in our green hoodie

The one both Stephen and I wore

I smile.

He’s watching over.

He is watching from a better place.

And he says he is happy,


And please, let us live

For never in a million years

Would he want his death to keep us from blossoming

Perhaps that fear

That fear that he would hurt us

Was what kept him with us for as long as he was

So he asks us

Please let go

He is happy and at peace now.

Let us be too


May he find a place

Where the light s softer

The earth more forgiving

May he rest easily

And forgive himself

For things I long ago had already forgiven.

May his spirit find a home to rest

Where love flows freely

To and from him

May he rest in peace.

Creative by Nature

Glimpses of a Creative Universe, by Christopher Chase...


Creating "new" from old has been a preoccupation of mine for a long time, but turned into a full-time adventure in building and living in a tiny "reclaimed" house. Beginning in 2012, I will live in this 120 square foot space for the length of my PhD studies in Literature and the Environment, and perhaps beyond. In this way, I hope to live a little smaller, leave a little lighter, and learn in what ways formal study can be acted in the every day.

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