Tiny House Class with Mountainsong Expeditions

Last weekend, October 14th-15th, I partnered with Murphy Robinson of Mountainsong Expeditions to put on a 2 day Tiny House Building Skills workshop. It was a great success! With 6 students in two action packed days we learned how to frame walls and talked about tiny house theory considerations while we helped Murphy, a tiny house dweller herself, build a new 8’x12′ shed on some land she has recently acquired for her business.

Murphy just sent me a photo and her and an awesome work trader who provided invaluable support during the class have now got the roof on the structure!

Photo taken by Murphy Robinson. 8’x12′ shed almost completed!

It was a great class- a whirlwind introduction to the world of small houses. And while there Murphy and I also were interviewed for the Podcast A Worldview Apart, a fantastic podcast being put on by Eric Garza on a range of topics from being a mindful carnivore, to white fragility, all tied together by the idea of “the power of perspective in the 21st century.” Check out our episode and others and please support our independent podcast producers by signing up for is patreon page .



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