Living in a Work in Progress: Still an Absolute Joy

Sometimes, when you live in a house that isn’t quite complete knowing you have guests coming is the perfect motivation to get you moving on some of those tasks that have been sitting patiently on a sticky on your fridge since you moved in in May… And realizing that winter may not be too too far away is also a good motivator! But first, the bliss of Summer…

Living in Mayu this summer has been a true joy of seeing, experiencing, and breathing the fruits of my labor and living my dream. And after almost two years of hard work on Mayu I felt ready to kick back and enjoy this summer a bit. And I have.

IMG_6152My loft is quite possibly my favorite place at this point in my life. With this beautiful octagon window that opens and the two side windows that also open there is almost always a delicious breeze up here, even on the hottest of summer nights. Not only can I see, hear, and feel the outdoors when I lie up here, but I also feel like a child in her dream tree house, peaking out over the world!

A lazy Sunday morning, my sweetheart still asleep

And when this sweet soul is sleeping peacefully next to you, like an angel, it is hard not to feel blessed.

My first real guests were two of my closest girlfriends who came over for dinner, both of whom have also been on parallel journeys of creating their homes. Being able to finally have them over in my home, after years of gathering in every imaginable place but our own (shared kitchens, houses where we were house sitting or pet sitting, our short and longer term rentals…) felt so good.


Until having my own place hosting friends always felt a bit stressful. Would my housemates be using the kitchen at the same time? Would so and so be offended by the small of meat? Can we truly just have sister time and talk about the sorrows, longings, and joys of our hearts in full honesty and in confidence?

But now in my own place something in my soul feels so much more able to give from a place of ease and peace. Even in the humbleness of not yet having running water or enough dishes, I did not hesitate to ask my friends to bring their own bowls, and both happily obliged and offered to take home dirty dishes to do at their place. The next time they came I had more dishes and the summer sun had warmed the evenings enough to allow us to eat outside on my newly constructed deck. And after dinner we retired up into my cozy loft where we lounged and chatted until the whee hours of the morning. Finally! A place that is my home where if what started as a dinner turns into a sleepover I don’t have to worry about offended any house mates. Indeed, sometimes it is these small things that make a difference.

My deck! Complete with a heart shaped picnic table built by John 

And most recently a spontaneous pull of lunar energies seemed to have landed us all around a fire in my yard, gazing up at the milky way and watching the big dipper move across the sky. It is truly a land of Big Sky here in this open field surrounded by trees.

Summer has also brought an abundance of Food, causing my fridge to overflow with tomatoes!

Tomatoes from my garden. Blueberries from my berry CSA at Kestrel Perch. Eggs and cheese also from local farms bought at the local food co-op. And coconut milk and orange juice not local but also bought from the food co-op. 

But thankfully about a month and a half ago now I got myself set up with this adorable RV oven, which felt like such a huge upgrade from my single burner camp stovetop that I used for the first two months in Mayu!


I’ve been making good use of this oven, making zucchini bread, sweet potatoes, and roasted eggplant in the oven, and anything you please on my 3 burner stove top!

A glass of orange juice, kale and tomatoes from my garden with local mushrooms and onion, chicken, baked in my oven with some black currant sauce, and some paleo bread! Yummm! 

And as summer is winding down I finally got my wood stove hooked up in preparation for the chillier nights and mornings.


And suddenly tonight as I started to clean up after dinner and found that it was already dark out and I wanted more light, I installed these LED task lights which I must say, make me feel like I am living in quite the luxurious little house!


And today, as I anticipated my two cousins coming to visit for a few days, and then my house warming party not too far off on October 15th I finally built my little nook to provide a little more seating area and storage!

The top is cherry, which I will oil at some point, and the front is maple flooring. Both the maple and the cherry I was generously given by people who felt they would not use them. This bench that is right across from the front door get the morning sun and will provide a perfect spot to sit and put on or take off your shoes, and drop your things when you come in. And it open up to provide quite a large space for storage! 

And I also hung some wall hooks as, although my wonderful closet works well for me, I thought guests should have a place to hang their coats especially as the weather starts to get cooler!

You will also notice the curtain for my bathroom door, which is an improvement over no curtain! Thank you Parker for making this curtain for me!

Oh yeah, have you seen my closet? Perhaps not… Here it is! It lives below my stairs 🙂


Ok, that is all for now! It is past my bedtime and my loft is calling me. Thank you for reading and for being part of this amazing journey!


Good Night and blessings, from Mayu


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