Living in Mayu: Week 1

This week I finally moved into my little house, and woah does it feel good to finally be making it HOME! It is not totally done but it is livable, especially as the temperatures are, for the most part, warming up (although it has been an unusually chilly spring!).

How to capture what this week has been like….

Monday, May 16th I spent my first night in Mayu (which means cocoon in Japanese). I had spent much of the weekend moving my belongings out of where I had been in ecovillage and into Mayu, but had yet to spend a night there.


It was a chilly night, but I slept pretty well. On Sunday Parker and I had found a nest of baby bunnies in the field right outside my door and we had put some bales around it to protect them from the cold and our walkings about. We had found the nest after finding two baby bunnies that had passed into the dream world, it seemed from the unusually cold temperatures.

I lit a candle to honor this first night in this creation that I have given birth to and is still growing and forming.

My candle to honor the space on my first night sleeping there
The little tiny baby bunnies nestled in the ground. I feel honored to have them as my neighbors!
And in the morning I got to see mama Hare coming to check on her baby bunnies, as I watched from my loft window! Did you know that the momma generally leaves her babies on their own only returning to feed them in the morning and night? So if you find what you think is an abandoned nest most likely it is not and you should leave them be!

Being in Mayu meant figuring out how exactly I was going to brush my teeth and keep my fridge cool and go to the bathroom and all those little details. These were not big scary challenges but more just trying out and putting to the test systems I had thought about. I was still waiting on my futon that I had ordered and so I slept that first night on my camping mat which I put on top of my tatami mats in my loft and that worked fine! I took my first poop in my compost toilet bucket, and I washed my hands with some soap in a pretty glass bowl I had gotten from salvation army. After a few days this systems evolved…

And now, this is my hand washing station in my bathroom:

Well, actually this picture is already a little outdated. Things have evolved even more! But it is mostly just aesthetic changes.

And I am very pleased with it! The tap on this glass water dispenser releases water somewhat slowly, which I found a pain for filling up a glass to drink from, but perfect for washing my hands without wasting excessive water. And when the bowl starts to get full I dump it outside on my plants.

Zooming out a little bit here is a view into the bathroom from the door. Of course, it continues to evolve… Like now I have a pretty cloth on top of the water jug to keep dust and other things from falling in. And the shells and other ornaments have moved around a little bit. But it all functions quite nicely and I am loving the way it is all looking.


The mermaid above the door was a house warming gift given to me by my sweet partner, Parker, and I think adds a beautiful touch. It seems that my friends and I are in agreement that my little house has a boat like quality. I like this boat theme!

Here is Parker wandering around before I had moved any of my stuff in:


Things have evolved some since then. Take a look!

Here is my kitchen as it is now. I’ve been collecting kitchen wares from the local reuse stores like Mimi’s attic, Salvation army, and Significant Elements and am pleased with what I have found.


There have been a few delays with my stove and so for now I am cooking on this one burner camping stove but it is working great!

On Day four (Thursday 5/19) we put in our well pump and had water on site for the first time! This was a huge moment as the idea of carrying in water for all my washing, cooking, and drinking needs was not something I was looking forward to.

Here we are, able to fill up our buckets and do my dishes! This to me was super exciting. And notice the plants in the background all waiting to go in the ground. Now many of them are in which also feels great!


And just in time I had built myself a drying rack right over my sink which worked beautifully!

That evening, as I drove to my friend Nicolette’s house to get my little cabinet which is now in my bathroom I came across a baby fox that looked like it had just been hit on the road. As sad as it was to see this little creature whose life had been taken so soon I also felt there was a lesson in this little fox and the baby bunnies I had found earlier in the week about the cycles of life and death of the natural world. I brought the fox with me and after some thought with two of my closest sisters, Danielle and Rena, we decided to bury these little creature on John’s land where my house is.

the fox and the bunnies before burial. What does it mean to bury the fox and the hare together? Predator and prey, in one grave.


Nestled in the ground before burial. Rena’s mother had felt called to put some sage in the fox’s mouth, and so we buried it with the sage.


And after burial we planted two little strawberry plants on top, giving a blessing under this strawberry moon and thanking these sweet little creatures for all they had offered and would continue to offer as nutrients in the earth.

Wow, what a day it had been. And all this under an almost full moon.


That night,Thursday, 5/19, I got to sleep on my new futon, And slept like a baby.


I was overcome with gratitude as I lay there in bed. Grateful for water, the land, the food that comes from the land, the birds, the fox and the hare, and other animals, my house, and the people who have come into my life… I feel like words and images can’t quite capture it. And it is all evolving so quickly that some of these photos are already outdated, like a new born baby who already a week after birth look so different!  But I hope that I have captured some of it. Perhaps I will close with a poem …



My cocoon.


Yes, finally I feel ready to cocoon myself inside you,

Like new lovers too entranced with each other to let go.

Engaging, bonding, nurturing, caring, struggling together


Water falls onto my hands as I wash in a crystal bowl

Shells placed with care, from tiny to tiniest, like little paw prints in the sand.


Clothes folded carefully

Each one I ask, “Do I need you?”

And all those kitchen items

Bags of strange white, brown, and yellow powders

Seeds and grains and nuts

The leftovers from cooking in many kitchens not mine

Finally I can put you into glass jars, label you and know

That you will be mine.

Mine to use and refill, and smell and taste, and enjoy

Finally, I know what I have!


Checking thrift stores and yard sales I slowly stock my kitchen

With the tools of the home that till now I have not needed.

This bowl feels good in my hands

This mug makes me smile

A ladle is a must in any kitchen

And a little red pot with a chip on the handle.

You, little pot, can have a home in my kitchen


Even in my makeshift kitchen,

with just one burner and no stove,

I feel my creativity alight.

Food tastes so good!

As aromas fill the little space!


Sitting on my front stairs I look out

At the beginning of gardens.

My gardens.

Gardens that I can watch grow

Not just this season but next, and next, and next

Gardens where I plant not just annual vegetables

But a tree!

And I may actually see it bear fruit


I watch my sweet beloved cut the grass with a scythe

And we lay in the hammock,

Hung lovingly by John

Taking in the heavenly bodies

Of the wide open sky…

Jupiter, Mars, Venus


Each day is a new day

Each day a great day

Full of possibilities




  1. Beautiful, Miwa. May Mayu protect you with grace, love and good fortune. She is truly the fruit of your love, faith and care, filled with good vibes and beauty. I feel grateful to have had a small part in her creation. Love, Dad

    Liked by 1 person

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