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We all have our story, right? The story that makes you who you are, that helps you make meaning of your life and the crazy world around you. Sure, the story may just be a story- subjective and based on your unique perspective- and ask someone else in your life to tell your story and it may seem totally different, even unrecognizable to you. But I think we all have our story, even if it changes and evolves over time- a reality we create and choose to believe. Call it a world view, a religion, an ego, whatever.

What if suddenly you realize your story doesn’t make any sense? All the facts contradict each other and it seems like every hour, even every minute you can turn the story on its head, choose to believe a different set of “facts” and create a different story. You start to feel crazy, because all these stories are incongruous and none of them really make any sense. And suddenly you can’t tell up from down, right from wrong, or truth from lies. Is that what they call an existential crisis? Or is that just going crazy?

Imagine solving the mystery of your life. Not the unknown future but your past. It should make sense, right? I mean, you were there, you experienced it. You should have all the pieces and the information you need. But it doesn’t make sense. The pieces don’t fit. And so it becomes an obsession- trying to make the pieces fit. But they won’t. And so you start to question your own sanity. Why won’t the pieces fit?

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Creating "new" from old has been a preoccupation of mine for a long time, but turned into a full-time adventure in building and living in a tiny "reclaimed" house. Beginning in 2012, I will live in this 120 square foot space for the length of my PhD studies in Literature and the Environment, and perhaps beyond. In this way, I hope to live a little smaller, leave a little lighter, and learn in what ways formal study can be acted in the every day.

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