Seeing the Earth & Me come to life

I went to NYC to see the Earth & Me at Symphony Space. It was a beautiful moment and an amazing show. It was a full house in this large theatre, filled with children from kindergarden all the way through 8th grade from all parts of the city- chinatown, brooklyn, the bronx, and manhattan- and even some handicapped and special needs students. My grandmother introduced the show, explaining how everything on the shadow screen is done by hand and nothing is done by a computer. This received a round of applause from the audience. Then, as the opening music came on I felt tears come to my eyes as the shadow of the child, as if by magic, emerged into the projected image of the earth. I felt transported back to my childhood and was blown away as the performance unfolded to see all my core values reflected back to me in such a beautiful medium of song, dance, and puppetry. And what a powerful message of hope and peace! The children around me Oooed and Ahhhed, with exclamations of wonder and excitement escaping their lips with the appearance of new puppets and magical shadow screen effects and exquisite power filled dancing. After the show the dancers and puppeteers came out and sat on the edge of the stage where children were able to come up and say hello, some asking for autographs, others giving high fives, and others wanting to hug the “mother earth” character and ask if she was ok now. Thank you to all our other donors for helping make this show happen. We truly could not have done it without you. You helped create a very special moment for both me and my grandmother as well as plant many seeds of peace in the young hearts of literally thousands of children.


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