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TEACH PEACE: We are doing it!

I am Sandra Robbins’ eldest grandchild and have just graduated from Cornell University majoring in environmental science. The Shadow box Theatre changed my life and has shaped me in more ways then I can imagine. But more importantly I see the impact it has on each child that is blessed with the opportunity to experience SBT. Children love my grandmother’s shows. When I go to her weekday shows full of public school children I am amazed at the reception her theatre receives. They sing, dance, and clap along. In The Earth & Me they all join hands at the end of the show and sing “Hand in Hand,” making a commitment to peace and the earth. As a child I remember listening to the sound track of The Earth & Me and re-enacting the whole play with two little stuffed animal seals I had, entertaining myself for hours. I knew all the songs by heart and especially love the closing song, ‘Hand in Hand.’

Today when I see who I have become, an outdoor enthusiast and a passionate steward of the natural world as well as an empowered individual with great concern for the earth and its people, I have to look back and thank my many influences, but particularly my grandma, who has always been one of my strongest woman role models. Her passion to bring theatre with important messages to children is a great example of a life’s work well spent. When I heard that The Shadow Box Theatre was in a financial crisis due to Hurricane Sandy and considering canceling its spring show of The Earth & Me, I knew I had to help. Now, more then ever, I think children need this show. With many in NYC having seen first hand the darkness brought by extreme weather, children need a message of hope and a guiding light of a way to live in peace and harmony with the earth. This show provides just that and much more. Anyone who experienced the power of theatre and the magic of its’ “Story-telling” as a child, knows that it stays with you forever. Thank you for helping us make this fund raising effort a great success.

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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about my grandmother’s theatre and the financial crisis it is in due to Hurricane Sandy. Well, today I am writing to let you all know that we have launched our fundraising campaign and are off to a great start having raised $2,253 in our first week. But, we need to keep going, as our goal, which is what the theatre needs to be able to weather this storm, is $27,000. We have raised about 8% of what we need.

There are MANY ways you can help and not all of them include money.

Perhaps the most important thing is to increase our visibility, or as IndieGoGo calls it, our GoGo factor. Doing this will have a snowball effect in that it will help make our campaign come up higher in search results and possibly even make it reach the home page of IndieGoGo, which will lead to more donors! You can all help us do this just by clicking on our page (click on it every day if you can!), sharing it via facebook, twitter (and retweeting our posts), using google+, e mail, and word of mouth and by getting creative. You can reblog this post or my previous one or write your own blog post about us. Or call up someone you know who supports the theatre arts and has some money to spare. Or write an article for your local paper! All of this will help us reach out goal. I know my audience here on my blog is at least somewhat internet savvy so I am asking for you help in spreading the word!

And it is not just about the big donations. Any donation does and will help. This theatre touches over 30,000 school children each year. If each child had someone donate just $1 in their name we would be past out goal! So, even if $1 is all you have to spare, consider donating for a child. $7.50 is the price of a ticket for a child when they come as a school group, so donate $7.50 and one more child will be able to come see our shows! This is called crowdfunding and numbers are the name of the game.

If you do spread the word or donate let us know about it! It brings smiles to our faces and keeps us going here at the theatre to know that others are working on our behalf. You can comment on this blog, send me an e mail at, or comment on our indiegogo site and help inspire other supporters to also spread the word!

Thank you and I hope you will support me in this effort.

With warmth and Light,

Me and my grandma, Sandra Robbins

Me and my grandma, Sandra Robbins

Miwa Oseki Robbins (and the Shadow Box Theatre)

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