A Lasqueti Story: Part 9

The age demographics on this island are shifting. In the 1960’s there were fifty or sixty kids in the school here. Now there are barely twenty. It is becoming harder for young people to move here as prices of land have risen and cost of living is generally higher on this island due to the cost of bringing everything from the mainland.

Perhaps my generation will have to create our own version of Lasqueti somewhere. Perhaps it is our purpose to take the ideals and energy of the 1960’s, which seem to be resurfacing with movements like Occupy, and build on them. I hear people talk about the 1960’s as an age of idealism that ultimately failed to deliver much change, creating a least a few jaded, bitter idealists, of which Michael Reynolds might be one of. But I don’t think the 60’s were a failure. Change comes slow, especially at first. As I look at the current energy and interest in sustainability and social justice I see many seeds that were planted in the 60’s and 70’s. Those times were important for making the ground fertile. Mistakes were made and lessons learned and now those seeds are germinating and nearing their time to blossom. I hear more and more people, both young and old, talking of a coming shift. There is a restlessness within the masses. Something is about to change.

The seventh insight says that we must assume every event has significance and contains a message that somehow pertains to our purpose. It challenges us to see the silver lining in every event, no matter how negative, and allows us to see the answers as they arrive. This will only happen though once we have become conscious of our control drama that the sixth insight talks of and find the higher purpose or question that we were born into our family to answer. Each successive generation is meant to evolve a little further than the previous one, bringing all of humanity to a higher vibrational level.  What will distinguish this generation is that we are ready to bring this process of evolution, which has been happening all along, to full consciousness and thereby vastly accelerate the process.


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