A Lasqueti Story: Part 6

 The fifth insight tells us that the universe has all the energy we need if only we can open up to it. Opening up to it requires coming from a state of love.

Mark works more like an artist attacking a canvas than like a builder following architectural drawings. He responds to what he sees and feels as he builds, planning basic concepts and structure but open to being inspired as he creates. And he seems to be deeply connected to some creative energy source as his process is fluid and easy.  Perhaps it is all the meditation, Tai Chi, and contact improvisation dance he does. All these practices require being connected to an energy, whether that be a cosmic energy, your own energy, or the energy of your dance partner.

I haven’t been home now for eight months or so. But my travels have also kept me in North America. And yet I feel like these eight months have taken me further from home then any trip I have taken to Bolivia or Japan. My way of looking at the world feels like it is shifting, and with it so are my goals and aspirations. My mind seems to see and think differently now. This year has been a spiritual journey just as much as any other kind of journey. Will home still feel like home? Or will I feel lost and like no one speaks my language?

It seems the world has conspired around me to show me on this year that a different way of living is possible. But this different way requires a total paradigm shift. We are talking of a world not based on consumption or competition. We are talking of a world where wealth is not measured by how much money you have in the bank or by material assets but by a myriad of other things, such as social connections, knowledge of plants, animals, and the land, skills you can barter or trade with, and things like spiritual knowledge. How do I share my experiences with people living in a different paradigm?

I know some will think I have lost touch with reality, but to them I ask who makes your reality? Is it not you? I think what this year has taught me, more then anything else, is that we all have more control then we think. We have the ability to tell our own stories, thereby creating our own paradigms and creating our own worldview, choosing on any given day whether or not to feel happy. Do not mistake me though, this does not mean that we should choose to be happy every day. There are things that deserve our anger and times when we need to feel sad. Recognizing this need and allowing this feeling is, in itself, a choice. But by choosing not to resist these emotions we no longer are a slave to them, and we can begin to see the ever changing quality of these emotions. This is the teaching of Buddha: Anicca—Everything changes.

The sixth insight talks of a control drama that each of us have. This drama was created in early childhood and is repeated unconsciously throughout our lives. If we become conscious of it we can free ourselves of this need to control and then we will begin to find the higher purpose in our lives.


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