Nettles, TEDTalks, and Aesthetic Improvements

It’s been a little while since I’ve written, but not for lack of  topics to write about. I have plenty of topics, like the great documentary I watched, Garbage Warrior, and some fantastic TEDTalks on how education kills creativity, and how it doesn’t matter what you do so much as why you do something. Or the wonderful blog I found on a family living the pioneer life in Sweden. They decided to jump in to a totally off grid life for a year with four kids and wrote a book about it. And, what I find even more inspiring and telling is that after a year they didn’t want to leave, so they are still doing it. I could also write about how I may have picked a few too many stinging nettles with my bare hands. But boy are they delicious, nutritious, and abundant. I had no butter so I sautéed some with coconut solids, salt, pepper, onions and olive oil and they were delicious. Also made some delicious nettle pesto to put on gluten free gnocchi (potatoes, butternut squash, nutmeg, salt buckwheat flour, and a little water. Knead it into a dough, cut pieces, roll them with a fork to give them that gnocchi shape, and then bake, fry, or steam).   And the house is looking better than ever; With a few big aesthetic improvements it is staring to feel like a real, cozy home!

A friend came by and suggested that we put pictures up on the wall to show our progress. We thought it was great idea! It makes the place feel more lived in and does give some extra talking points for when we have visitors.
We got sick of holes in the floor and decided we needed to figure out the kitchen layout before continuing. So here is our temporary plywood floor!
WOW, it feels big! We tore out the temporary counter and are looking at the space with fresh eyes. It's time to play with kitchen layout!
In the meantime, lets plug some more holes, like these ones above the kitchen windows.
And do a lime plaster test. Will out method of lathe over rigid foam insulation on the ceiling work? So far so good....
One mockup of a possible kitchen layout. So Exciting! I can start to picture someone actually living here 🙂

So there is my brief photo log of the progress we have made on the house. Hope you enjoyed it! I think my brain still needs time to digest and synthesize before I can write more.



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