Spring Quickening

Never have I felt quite so acutely aware of the arrival of spring. Driving down the same roads every day, walking on the same paths, and working at the same site, a site incorporated so very carefully into it surroundings, makes change around oneself stand out.

It seems that just yesterday bird calls were scarce. Today they are abundant. Yesterday the ducks, geese, and swans filled the ponds. Today they are flying overhead to their summer haunts.  Yesterday the air still had a cold, bitter bite. Today the air is warm and moist and I ride happily down the drive hanging off the side of Ryan’s car.

There are buds on the trees and stinging nettle is sending its spring shoots up.  Foraging season has arrived as many plants are tastiest when still young in early spring.

The sun wakes me up a little bit earlier each day and we can work a little bit later each evening before twilight tells us it is time to retire.

It may seem early but all of nature’s signs are pointing to spring. There is a quickening in the air. And so we too are busy transplanting trees and preparing garden beds.

What will this spring quickening bring for you?


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