Our pile of salvaged styrofoam is quickly dwindling as we are insulating the roof and the remainder of the floor. In case you don’t remember the pile, here is a reminder:

Styrofoam that was on the way to the dump, dumped instead in the cob house living room.

And where is this styrofoam now? Here are a few pictures….

The bedroom ceiling all insulated with salvaged rigid foam.

The bedroom bedroom again from a different angle. This will be covered with lathe and plaster, but the madrona branches will remain exposed.

Insulation cut and fit into the kitchen ceiling. This will be covered with Lathe and plaster as well, leaving the wood rafters exposed.

I can proudly say that all this ceiling work is mine. Next I will be cutting the lathe to fit and screwing that in place. And lastly, here is the kitchen floor, where we have also laid some of the rigid foam insulation:

Insulation in the floor (on top of a vapor barrier) with some boards laid temporarily so we have something to walk on in the kitchen.

Thanks to this salvaged insulation we shouldn’t need to buy any insulation for this whole house. Not too shabby, I’d say!