This week has been a week full of wintery weather. Work days have been a bit shorter as the temperatures dropped to below freezing and there is only so much you can do when the cob is frozen and so are your toes. But the snow has been beautiful and we have definitely enjoyed it. The birds seem to be out in greater numbers, the air is crisp, and each step you take gives a snowy whoosh. All seems quiet and what sounds there are have a clarity unique to winter days.

The pump house in the snow.

Shoveling snow off the roof of the cob house.

Some of the more exciting birds we have seen include the Varied Thrush and the Harlequin Duck and what we think was a juvenile Bald Eagle. Although winter means less plants to identify Ryan and I have been quizzing each other on the Latin names of plants and have now started to expand our knowledge of birds as well, something neither of us are too familiar with. The audubon society makes great field guides for birds if you are looking for one!

A Varied Thrush. Beautiful bird that at first glance looks a bit like a Robin, but look a bit closer and it has much more intricate markings.

Beautiful large bird seemed to watching the sunset. We think it was a juvenile Bald Eagle.