Signs from the universe: I CAN do this :-)

So, the last person I found who was building there own cob house at Dancing Rabbit I first thought was a woman but then realized is probably actually a man. Still cool, but not quite as cool.

But at my meditation retreat I met a young woman, small and petite like me, who has just put the roof on her own earth bag house that she is building in Taos, NM! Talking to her made me light up. She did it all herself, with no prior relevant experience and in less than a year she has the roof on! Her house is close to 500 square feet (around what I am thinking for mine) and from pictures it looks amazing!

She said building became like her meditation practice. The idea came to her soon after her first 10 day Vipassana sit and she just started reading and reading and drawing plans and then she broke ground! In her own words, when she started she didn’t even know what a 2×4 was! And now she has almost completed her wonderful home. It was all she did for about nine months. She is also a nomad in many ways and she said she was just craving having a place she could call her own. And now she has it! What a beautiful and inspiring story that feels like it mirrors my own journey in many ways and is a sign telling me, yes, I CAN DO THIS! And what does she want to do as her own home project is coming to a close? Build more.

Her wonderful blog is


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