An inspiring cob resource

Hey Look! Someone has basically done what I am planning to do and has similarly documented it using a blog! And their blog has got a lot of good info on it. The blog is called The Year of Mud and is about a 27 year old person living at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri. She built her/his own cob house in just a year and it looks great! I particularly found their information on reciprocal roofs very helpful; a beautiful, elegant and simple way to build a self supporting roof with a central skylight or chimney hole. I highly recommend going and looking at some of the pictures; they are truly beautiful. And it would be perfect for my yurt inspired design which is at this point definitely my favorite!

Another cool thing I stumbled upon on our walk back from Fremont was cool looking structure that when we inquired more was made of some kind of membrane in tension. It looked almost like a high tech yurt made of steel and this thick canvas like membrane. The website for these structures is I have to look into it more but I would be curious to know if anyone knows more about these structures and their costs. Some of their disaster relief buildings look interesting as a possible temporary or permanent structure to use to live in, store stuff in, and use as a workshop while building a house. But they don’t look very “natural” and somehow I doubt they are cheap. I am curious to learn a bit more though!

Anyways, just thought I would share some of the things I have discovered and been looking into!


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