Learning from an architect

Staying with Penny has brought many blessings. One is that she is an architect with an incredible sense of design and a high standard for craftsmanship. Being in her house and hearing little tidbits about what she notices done well or poorly in the design of different buildings and spaces has made me want to bring this level of craftsmanship to whatever buildings I may design and build.

Penny also has lots of architects tools in house and so I have gotten the chance to do one of my drawings to scale and I am quite happy with how it turned out! Here is my yurt inspired house to scale. The version on the left is with an interior diameter of 30 ft and the one on the right is with an interior diameter of 25 ft.

The one on the left, with 30 ft interior diameter would have right around 700 ft of floor space, quite a bit for a cob house, which is why I decided to draw it again with a 25 ft interior diameter, which would give about 480 square feet of floor space. I think both designs work and would provide for all of the needs of me and a partner. The outer walls are 2.5 feet thick, which is just in the middle of the range for a structural cob wall in a cold climate. The inner walls are 1 ft wide and create four main areas within the yurt; the largest circular area is the kitchen, the smaller circle the bedroom, then the living area with a desk, shower corner (the toilet would be a separate composting toilet outhouse), and a window seat that is big enough to be a spare bed, and a back door as a second entrance that could also lead to a greenhouse since that is the south side of the building. And the forth small area would be a pantry/root cellar, located of course on the North side of the house. I would love to grow old in a cozy cob yurt like this one.


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