Grounding and Balancing

Tonight my grandma gave me my first official lesson in healing using nothing but the energy we are made up of and which is all around us. My grandmother is a healer. She does it naturally. When I was little and I would bump myself or fall she would put her gentle hands on me close her eyes, and start taking the pain away. Her hands would move quickly, as if pulling layers of hurt out, one by one. Sometimes she would tell me to visualize something, like a balloon, filling with all the hurt and pain, and then flying away.

Just this past year I got into a car accident and had some mild whip lash. I was shook up and uncomfortable and so she told me to lie down. I imagined a tap root coming from between my ovaries and going down deep into the earth, grounding me. And roots spreading from each of my feet. And she worked with me to balance my energy. And it helped. Between that and a wonderful cranial sacral session I had the next day my whip lash was gone and I felt grounded and balanced, fully back on this earth. Cranial sacral therapy is another gentle healing modality that encourages the body to re align itself through the cranial sacral rhythm, a rhythm created by the fluid in one’s spine.

Picture taken from the book Hands of Light A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan

Both cranial sacral therapy and the healing work my grandmother does are really trying to create optimal conditions for the body to heal itself. Having grown up with a grandmother who does this kind of work I have always been intrigued by this somewhat mysterious field of psychic and energetic healing.

The past month I have been staying with my grandmother and grandfather, helping them as my grandfather recovers from an operation. As I have been here I have also had the wonderful opportunity to speak in greater depth with my grandmother about her healing work and express my interest in it. A week or so after I arrived here she decided to show me two books which were some of her first introductions to healing work and have continued to remain near the core of her practice. Both books are wonderfully readable, making the practice feel accessible. The first book  is Complete Meditation by Steve Kravette. This books reads like poetry, guiding one through hundreds of different kinds of meditation for many different purposes that one would usually need many books to learn. The second book is The Psychic Healing Book by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin. This book goes simply through methods of healing using energy. It is a bit more technical then COmplete Meditation, but still very readable.

In the ten year anniversary addition of The Psychic Healing Book a special introduction from the two authors says they both wished they had more strongly stressed the importance of grounding in this book. So today my grandmother gave me a lesson in grounding.

My grandmother put it very simply; Being grounded is feeling safe. If one can ground well one can help ground those near you, thereby creating a safe space. And if you are aware of when you feel unsafe, whether you are nervous, anxious, or scared, you can calm your emotional state by some simple grounding exercises, often allowing you to better cope with the situation at hand.

Grounding is as simple as visualizing a tap root coming from the base of your spine or between your ovaries and going down deep into the earth. Then send roots out from the bottom of one foot and then the other. When you are well grounded you will find you can’t be easily knocked off balance. And generally speaking, when you are grounded and open your energy field is big, expanding many feet all around you. You can also be grounded but choose to keep your energy field in close to you. For instance, if you are on stage but the spotlight is supposed to be on someone else, this would be an appropriate time to  do just that, pull your energy field in, and let the other person shine. Or if you are walking in a place you feel unsafe and you want to be invisible, literally or metaphorically, you would want to stay grounded but draw your energy field in. All this can be done by simple visualization and the creation of the intention.

This chosen small energy field is much different then the shrinking of one’s energy field that occurs when hurtful comment or act makes you tighten inside and un grounds you. In this state you can be easily pushed over, you feel shaken inside and you are more vulnerable. In short, you do not feel safe.

If this all sounds crazy to you, try it yourself. WHat I have described is basically exactly what my grandmother and I did this evening. I grounded myself and then she tried to push me over with no luck. She used a pendulum to see how far my energy fields extended, showing me how it swings in broad circles while still in my field and then comes to a halt once it leaves. She had me draw my energy field in but stay grounded, and indeed the pendulum would not swing but she still could not push me over. And then she insulted me, and even though she is my grandmother and I knew she did not mean it she suddenly could push me over no problem!

Grounding is really what many practices from many traditions such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, and Yoga are all trying to do. And often, when someone does not feel grounded it is because somewhere inside they do not feel safe. If may be something long ago that keeping them from feeling safe, or it may be something in that moment.

Picture taken from Hands of Light A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan

She also worked with me to balance, making sure that energy was flowing freely through my chakras and around my whole body. Where energy is stuck is where pain, hurt, and illness will manifest. And energy can be stuck due to something in the emotional, mental, karmic or astral, or physical body. My grandmother calls the physical body the manifest body. She calls it this because everything from all the bodies will eventually show themselves in this body if we do not tent to them. And yes, we do have to treat the physical symptoms, by my grandmother’s thoughts and the matter, and I think I agree, are that if the cause of an illness is really something emotional until that emotional wound is addressed the illness will return, in one form or another.

This is just the beginning of my explorations but I am excited to begin to learn from my grandmother who I believe has much to teach and pass on. I have always admired her greatly my whole life and I would love to be able to carry forward with me some of her skills in the healing realm.


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  1. Dearest Miwa,
    How well and clearly you have put into writing the work we did together. What a wonderful listener you are and how well you have digested the work and made it your own. It will take time but I know you are putting it into action; manifesting the dream. I am so honored to be a part of your spinning of your web of life.
    What a legacy manifested out of our love.


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