My name is Miwa and welcome to my blog. This blog is about my journey through this world as someone who loves this world and believes in the power of the individual and community. I am a loyal and devoted friend and partner, and the only child of a Japanese mother and a New York born Jew. I am an outdoor enthusiast who feels a strong responsibility to steward this beautiful earth; This earth that has healed me in times of grief, brought me joy and empowerment  through awe inspiring experiences, and continues to teach and inspire curiosity, wonder, and innocence from within. I am an artist, violinist, poet, and much more. I am a student of the world, a traveler, an inquirer, and a skeptic. I am a seeker, on a heart and soul centric journey. I am a sculptor, always refining my ability to sculpt my world with grace.

This blog is many things and will always be evolving (Aren’t we all always evolving and changing?). Take a look around and I hope you find something that interests, inspires, or challenges you. And in the end, my hope is that you will stop reading, turn off your computer, and take a step outside. (and my apologies if I cease to write for a while as I tend to get caught up in the adventure of life myself.) Smell the fresh air, and breathe it into your lungs. Hear the birds twitter and the brook babble. Feel the rain on your skin, taste the raspberry you just picked from a bush, (a bush that maybe you planted!) and wiggle your toes in some mud. Watch the dapple sunlight sparkle through the fall foliage and smile. Life is good and has much to give. Go experience it! And question what you see. When something doesn’t feel right do something about it. We all share a hand in sculpting this world. You are a sculptor whether you stand by idly, pick up a weapon and fight, or find that hard to find, other, in between method to engage authentically  and compassionately with this world. And it’s your choice how you develop your skills as a sculptor of this earth. Will your touch be coarse or meek like that of the beginner or will it be calm but passionate, centered and powerful, with one’s own refined style and flair, like that of a skilled sculptor? This is the question I leave with you with.